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Soda doesn’t kill you, but tobacco parties will

Guest post by Camillus
Camillus is a former Republican Party officer in the Northeastern United States. His writing has been featured on several blogs, including FrumForum.

“The political parties are like Coke and Pepsi.” If I have heard that expression once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

I don’t think it’s an apt analogy though. It certainly serves to illustrates the limited range of political choices available to us- two products that are fundamentally similar and differ, principally, in aesthetic details and points of emphasis. But soda is a relatively benign product. Sure, we all know it isn’t nutritious, and that consuming too much of it will damage your teeth, but it’s not a particularly dangerous beverage.

Are our political parties today really analogous to soda? I think not.

The Democrats and Republicans are not Coke and Pepsi, and they are not selling soda. Today, they have become more like Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds. And what they are pitching is destroying our nation. )
This post is a reminder that Coffee Party USA is not merely a moderate to liberal response to the Tea Party; it also aspires to the formation of a left-right populist coalition to challenge the dominance of the corporations and the rich in our political system.


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