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Today is the last day to join and receive a membership card and bumper sticker. Deadline is 11:59 PM, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. That's 5 AM Eastern Standard Time, 4 AM Central Standard Time, 3 AM Mountain Standard Time, 2 AM Pacific Standard Time, and 1 AM Alaska Standard Time. Minimum donation is $10, which is for unemployed and students. Standard recommended donation is $50.

To sign up for a 1-year Founding Membership, click here

To sign up for a Sustaining Membership with automatic renewal, click here.

A year ago, the Coffee Party was launched unexpectedly by a simple update of my Facebook status. I'm writing to you today because this genuine, truly grassroots movement deserves a chance to grow.

In order to grow from our all-volunteer, grassroots movement into a national organization with a permanent presence, we need to hire a new media communications and grassroots organizing staff to build capacity and provide better support for our local organizers.

As we enter our second year, we'd like to invite you to support us by becoming a Founding Member of Coffee Party USA. If you join us in the month of February, you will receive a bumper sticker and a personalized card recognizing you as a Founding Member.

It's amazing how much we have done with so little in 2010. We have over 120 local chapters, over 1500 events have been organized, and more than 400,000 people have become engaged online. We did all of this in the spirit of volunteerism and civic duty, with a budget just over $70,000, raised from thousands of donors averaging $17 each.

Imagine what we can accomplish with a budget at least twice what we had in 2010!

With emerging social media technology, your support, and the enduring values we share as Americans, we can rein in corporate influence on our government, and usher in a new era of informed, effective, and responsible self-governance...

Thank you so much for your commitment, support and participation.

—Annabel, Eric & the Coffee Party National Team
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