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On Feb. 28 we got a lot of donations all at once, which crashed our on-line donations tool several times. To avoid the overload, we've extended the Founding Members drive until midnight Hawaiian time March 3, 2011, which is 5 AM eastern time March 4, 2011. Despite the interruptions, we blew past our goal of $50,000 and are now over $115,000 with $70,000 raised since Monday afternoon.

Mod note: Coffee Party USA raised more money in the last two days than we did all of last year.

The Truth Is

Dear Friends,

Thank you for persevering despite our donations site overloading several times last night. It takes more than that to deter a Coffee Party Founding Member! This membership drive has surpassed all our goals, and, surpassed our imagination.

At this hour yesterday, we were hoping to raise $50,000 by the end of February. Last night, we blew right past that goal, hitting $65,000 before we went to bed. In 24 hours, we've had more than a thousand people join the Coffee Party as Founding Members. We are closing in on $80,000 and it's possible that we will reach $100,000 by our new deadline, midnight Hawaiian time March 3rd, which is 5 AM ET March 4th.
It appears that technical problems have been solved. So, you can join by clicking here and making a contribution of $10 or more. You will receive a personalized Founding Member card and a Coffee Party bumper sticker.

New possibilities certainly open up for us with this level of financial support. This is something that we didn't even think was possible last year.

However, it's not just the financial support that's blowing us away. While we are very apologetic about the inconvenience yesterday, we were floored to discover the level of people's passion and determination to support us!

We've received many emails, voicemail and Facebook messages like this one:

"I'll gladly skip lunch out a few times to give to something and someone who work to better my life." - Jen Cricket Bidwell

There are members who are unemployed and on fixed income as retirees and students donating what they can to grow this movement.

The truth is, we are deeply moved by these gestures. It shows an amazing willingness by our members to sacrifice, share, work, and ultimately, express hope for our future.
Without that hope, there would be no Coffee Party movement at all.

What we are learning right now about our members redoubles our determination to grow this movement. It compels us to reach inward even more to find that resolve and strength and to reach out, and speak out, and work together to make a difference.

We all need to pull together to restore our democracy and help remake our government so that it truly reflects our urgent most needs and most cherished values.

Thank you so much for giving us the gift of greater clarity and strength.
-- Annabel, Eric, Sabina, David and the Coffee Party National Team

PS - We'd love to hear from more of you! Please leave us messages by email and voicemail with your ideas, feelings and hopes on becoming Founding Members. Email: Phone: (301) 259-1869.

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